Above Failure has been founded upon a radically different perspective that embraces failure. Our team has decades of experience designing and delivering training, coaching and mentoring within the toughest flying training system in the world, personal training and affiliate ownership. We combine this with modern science and research, share this information with our community and offer our innovative seminars and courses.

By re-defining our relationship with failure and how to manage and really learn from it, we are driving towards an elite performance revolution. By teaching, coaching and mentoring progressive attitudes towards failure and developing a strong supporting culture, we can unleash progress, creativity, resilience and success.

Through embracing 'failure-thinking', we can take control of emotions, feelings, beliefs, habits, behaviours and performance to go straight to our goals.

We are on a mission to reveal and share the science of behaviour and learning. We are going to ask questions, ruffle feathers and challenge everything that we think we know about sports, education, and development.

Throughout this exciting and revolutionary journey we continue to work with elite military units, sports establishments, best-selling authors, Olympic coaches, professional athletes, renowned experts, educational establishments and thousands of coaches, teachers, students, and athletes from all over the world.

Learning alongside some of the top minds is opening doors to performance. The growing experiences we are accumulating are also helping us to discover some incredibly important research in the field of performance and behavioural science and psychology.

These lessons can totally change the way we build educational and coaching programs and shift perspectives to better develop and train athletes, students and people in general.

We dive into the science and application then share these principles with you so we can work together to put them into action. It?s our mission to ensure that the continued education and growth of our community realises an Elite Performance Revolution for all.

Every morning we get out of bed inspired to discover, read, research, learn, and share as much as possible with athletes, students coaches, and teachers. Each night we try to turn in before the sun rises again, in our pursuit of smarter processes and models that increase the rate of learning for all.

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Once you believe you are something, you actually embody it. Embrace Failure. Learn from it. It is your map. Take risks appreciating fear. Push the envelope. Speak up. Try new things. Get them wrong. At the edge of ability. We learn most. We excel. Being successful in life is all about having the proper belief system. Adopt a growth mindset. You are capable of anything. Do the hard things. Expect to fail. This is learning. You can handle negative thoughts, in each moment. Understand how you work. Overwhelm doubts. This comes with the upmost confidence in yourself. You can handle any situation. Trusting yourself that you are better than the moment. Enjoy every second. BE Above Failure.

Gaz Morgan - Founder

As the founder of Above Failure, Gaz has developed a training philosophy utilising decades of military experience as a pilot, instructor, mentor and coach within the Commando Helicopter Force. Realising that the techniques, skills and mindset being delivered to trainees were cross compatible with any application, he combined his elite knowledge and experience of the toughest military flying training system in the world with years of research, reading and training.

As an affiliate owner since 2013 and a former partner at Buff Box Meals, Gaz has seen first hand the challenges that athletes, coaches and communities face. He made it his mission to give athletes the power to take control of their mindset, beliefs, habits and thinking. These are they key drivers for behaviour and action that lead to overcoming roadblocks, achieving goals and to unlock true potential.



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