We have been in the trenches with athletes and Coaches and this will continue. We appreciate the thousands of hours you have dedicated to your craft so that you can make a difference. With Above Failure, we can take this journey to the next level. You may well see us by your side, at your facility or participating in other events. Your experience is an essential part of our communities’ development. Please approach us or send your feedback and ideas any time. Together we can learn and develop millions of lessons in Coaching so that everyone improves and lives can be changed!

Athletes need to be inspired to take action. Be supported in the face of adversity. Reassured when facing failure. Congratulated on their successes, all of them. Their expectations will vary. They are victims of the modern world around them telling them it’s not possible. They are led astray every hour that they are not under your watchful eye. You support and inspire change in every session but there are still things holding them back.

As you know, every athlete is different. Coach the human in front of you. We believe that as the proliferation of training courses and qualifications, relating to functional movement continues; there is a massive gap in the ability of ‘Coaches’ to actually coach and mentor. While understanding fundamental movements and principles are essential, most Coaches have little experience when it actually comes to interacting effectively with athletes to create change in troublesome areas. Your athletes need guidance in a way they understand, support to get through difficult elements and encouragement or motivation at the right time. In terms of compliance and behaviour, there are many common pitfalls and few proven methods that actually enable long-term change in behaviour and habits. We have all fallen into the trap of running challenges and programs that actually encourage short term gain over lifestyle change. We give you a toolbox for effective and lasting change.

‘Coach the Human First’ is our initiative to improve the results of athletes all over the world. Our processes, framework and training has its’ roots in the most difficult flying training system in the world. Understanding the person in front of you will enable you to communicate more effectively, empathise with their situation and inspire them to success.

For our vision to become a reality there needs to be a mind shift for entire communities’. In the same way we make the core parts of our framework available for free to athletes, so to are the basic resources for Coaches.

This enables you to use the basic framework required to bring about your own performance revolution for your athletes, members and clients. Enabling them to take action on the things they just can’t seem to alone, will enable an enormous upturn in results.

To gain the most from our framework and resources you can attend one of our exclusive seminars or training events. We have multiple offerings to the framework and syllabus. We are always working hard to ensure that you not only get the training, tools, and resources you need but that the time you invest also brings recognised qualifications. The Institute of Leadership and Management have endorsed our training. This will mean you will gain varying levels of recognised Coaching qualifications depending on the seminar or training you attend (Please note that high-level Coaching qualifications will require additional evidence-based Coaching to be submitted beyond the training course).

At our seminars the Above Failure principles are taught in depth with practical examples and demonstrations. Details of the content and qualifications available can be found on the Training page. You will learn and practice the skills taught at these events. Practical application is an essential part of progressing through our Coaches certifications.

We are a community driven site so all users are required to register for at least our free membership to access resources but don’t worry, we won’t spam you! When you subscribe please select the topics that interest you so that you get only the information you want. We appreciate all feedback as we continue to develop Above Failure and help more people. You may see us visiting your affiliate so come say hello and share your experiences.

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