When we are born we are completely relentless. If we get hungry, need a hug or the bathroom then we just cried. We cried and cried and continued to cry until we got exactly what we wanted. But as we began getting older a whole bunch of rules imposed on us by society began to make us relent. Our entire lives we are taught to give up on the things we want because of rules, the way of things, social acceptance and on and on.

We all have things we want to do. But there is a massive disconnect between what we know we should do and what we actually do. Our Athlete seminars are geared up to give you easy to implement, actionable framework and tools. These tools enable you to take the actions you want, whether they relate to nutrition, health, fitness or life.

We make the core parts of our framework available for free. This is to give our community the greatest chance of adopting the fundamental keys to a performance revolution. To gain the most from our framework and resources you can attend one of our exclusive seminars or training events. We have multiple offerings to the framework and syllabus. You can also find a certified Trainer/Coach in your area to work with going forward.

At our seminars the Above Failure principles are taught in depth with practical examples and demonstrations. You will leave with the tools you need to start making real progress in order to address any weaknesses in your training, nutrition, health or life. Details of the content and qualifications available can be found on the Training page.

We are a community driven site so all users are required to register for at least our free membership to access resources but don’t worry, we won’t spam you! When you subscribe please select the topics that interest you so that you get only the information you want. We appreciate all feedback as we continue to develop Above Failure and help more people. You may see us visiting your affiliate so come say hello and share your experiences.

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